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Finbarr Doherty

From the album ‘Skyscrapers’

      1. Skyscrapers (US mix) - First single from the new album Skyscrapers...Click play to listen to a 30 second preview

(Both available to download from CDBaby)


Finbarr Doherty (Saddler) –
Finbarr Doherty (Saddler) is based in Inishowen, Co. Donegal. He has performed in New York, Boston, Vermont, Maine area as well as throughout Ireland, including Galway Arts Festival, Earagail Arts Festival and other regional festivals. He collaborated with Campbell Owens (Glasgow/Aztec Camera), co-producer of ‘Across the Water’, and with Jim Sampas, (Boston) who produced the EP ‘Garbage, Drama, Fantasy at Fort Apache Studios.

In July 2011 Finbarr launched his new CD ‘skyscrapers’, performing with Session Americana at the Earagail Arts Festival and as part of the the Galway Arts Festival. The local launch of ‘skyscrapers’ took place in the Colgan Hall.