The new album ‘skyscrapers’ was launched in July 2011 as part of the Earagail and Galway Arts festivals, and is a collection of songs covering topics from selling skyscrapers to getting lost at a West Bromwich Albion football game. The launch gigs were in collaboration with Session Americana.

You can download ‘Skyscrapers’ but also if in Donegal, call in to Peter’s Gym/The Book Shop, Cafe Donagh, or the local post office in Carn…and if in Derry, you can get it in Cool Discs


Finbarr Doherty – Chapel Street to Somerville.  2020 (21 track album)

Finbarr Doherty – skyscrapers.  2011 (10 track album)

Finbarr Doherty – Across the Water.  2007 (8 track album)

Finbarr Doherty – garbage, drama, fantasy.  2001 (5 track EP)