Finbarr Doherty released the album ‘Across the Water’ in 2007, inspired by the book ‘The Last of the Name’.  He is now reinterpreting those songs in a multi-media collaboration with film-maker Paul McCarroll. The show features actor Paul Kelly, alongside musicians Seamus Devenny, Lorna McLaughlin and traditional singer Grace Toland. Artist Marty Kelly has created work around the themes of the show. Local archival and family photos from the Farren family, Clonmany as well as contemporary photographs by Des Farren and Marie Barrett also form part of the show.


He collaborated with Campbell Owens (Glasgow/Aztec Camera), co-producer of ‘Across the Water’, and with Jim Sampas, (Boston) who produced the EP ‘Garbage, Drama, Fantasy’ at Fort Apache Studios.

Back in July 2011 Finbarr released ‘skyscrapers’, performing with Session Americana at the Earagail Arts Festival and as part of the the Galway Arts Festival. The local launch of ‘skyscrapers’ took place in the Colgan Hall.

…The title track is a beguiling song about selling skyscrapers underpinned by a stomping riff that takes it beyond the norm for Irish acoustic based albums….Doherty has a winning way with a lyric that gives his material an appealing depth.

Jackie Hayden (Hotpress)

…It fuses elements of folk and indie rock from both sides of the Atlantic, on introspective songs that embrace brevity as a rule of thumb except on the bluesy Don’t break up. One song even bizarrely namechecks English soccer team West Bromwich Albion in its title.

The Scene (Irish Daily Star)