The new album ‘skyscrapers’ was launched in July 2011 as part of the Earagail and Galway Arts festivals, and is a collection of songs covering topics from selling skyscrapers to getting lost at a West Bromwich Albion football game.

The launch gigs were in collaboration with Session Americana.

You can download ‘Skyscrapers’ but also if in Donegal, call in to Fintans Shop in Carndonagh or the local post office in Carn…and if in Derry, you can get it in Cool Discs

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…It fuses elements of folk and indie rock from both sides of the Atlantic, on introspective songs that embrace brevity as a rule of thumb except on the bluesy Don’t break up. One song even bizarrely namechecks English soccer team West Bromwich Albion in its title.

The Scene (Irish Daily Star)